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Blah blah, been gone a long time, blah blah, my bad.

For anyone that uses IM or text half as much I do, you’ve undoubtedly noticed different patterns in how people text or IM. If you know a person well enough you can “hear” when they are angry or happy by how they type, response speed, word usage etc…. but have you noticed your own context based texting? I have noticed a big differance in how I text vs how I type and even how I text depending on what phone the other person is using. When I IM I tend to send short burts, no message over 1 sentance but when I text, if it’s a long text i’ll really fill up the characters trying to get everything into 1 text. However if I know the other person is on a smart phone with a conversational view I’ll send more quick bursts. So what do you do? do you change how you text/IM because of the medium or the reception medium?



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The Tech Snowball

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I’ve been playing around with Google+ the last few days and I have discovered why I think that Google+ and all other Facebook contenders will not be on par with Facebook for many years. Facebook isn’t that good, it’s workable, but in general (for me anyway) it’s a rather annoying piece of software that changes in ways that are odd and make the it less intuitive instead of more intuitive, yet I still use it and will probably continue to use it more than Google+, but why? It’s because everything is already there, I’ve got 6 years worth of pictures on there, I’ve got a slew of old/saved messages and even though it’s horrible and getting worse Facebook chat is one of the easiest ways to quickly get in touch with my friends. Pretty soon we’ll all be signed up for Google+, except for the haters of course, but how many of us will really maintain 2 social network sites and how many of us will have it and barely use it?


If you’ll excuse me for a moment I’m going to put on my finance cap (for those who don’t know I majored in finance in college) and talk about taxes and why they’re bad for the internet. Recently California has passed a law requiring local affiliates of companies like Amazon to collect sales tax and this only does 1 thing, it hurts the local businesses. Companies like Amazon are big enough and agile enough to shift the distribution network (also I’m a logistics consultant) fast enough that they can avoid these taxes that are placed on them by the states, and the ones that suffer are the affiliates who are losing massive chunks of their business. Which in turn creates less money to be spent on things like bills, business expenses and salaries and when the salaries start to drop it can create a massive domino effect that can go from people not being able to buy local products (hurting local business people), to having to cut back on purchases all together (hurting your local retailers), to if salaries drop enough that people are forced to move to less expensive housing (hurts your property taxes) and so on and so forth. So when politicians who have already spent all of everyone else’s money want to tax something like purchases on the internet all they are doing is losing tax revenue in other places. I’m not saying that we should get rid of taxes altogether, they are a necessary evil, I’m saying that the people in charge should look at the waste that they have built themselves and try too cut the fat before they look to people like Amazon for a payday when all they are doing is hurting the people in their state.

I’ll leave you with this quote from former Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall “The power to tax, involves the power to destroy.”


Is Hulu Dead in the Water?

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I was reading this article by Peter Kafka and the basic jist of the story is that the Owners of Hulu (News Corp, ABC and NBC) aren’t willing to give their own creation exclusive rights to programming because their is too much money to be made on the outside market by selling content to companies like Dish and Direct. While many people love Hulu, I’ve never been that big a fan of it, the commercials were always too long and the streaming was always too iffy for me to really see it as a viable option. However, with reports of $500m in revenue for Hulu there must be a lot of people who like the online service. Without the exclusive contracts for Hulu that it’s parents won’t give it I don’t see how it survives as viable competitor in the streaming world, why go to Hulu when you can stream all the same content you want via your dish? The parents of Hulu, obviously no longer want their child becuase they are trying to sell it and as for me I don’t see too many buyers for it, who would want a product that won’t have the ability to remain competitive?


That didn’t take long

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Yesterday, I was walking through Walmart and saw the DVD value bin except for it wasn’t for DVD’s it was for Blu-ray’s.

This was an incredible sight to behold, granted the movies in the bin where really awful but still Blu-ray for $5 that’s pretty insane. I didn’t expect there to be a $5 bin for Blu-rays for a while and yet here it is. I think that more and more Blu-rays will be showing up in this bin due to people streaming and Blu-ray’s becoming outdated (yes we all know my theory on this). There will always be a place for physical media in our society, some people won’t want to stream or won’t have enough bandwidth to stream and some people are just tech adverse, but for now it appears that the place for a lot of Blu-rays will be the $5 bargain bin.


Not Dead Yet

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Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been battling illness for the last week and have been put through a battery of test with more to come next week. I’ll be focusing more on writing next week and we’ll see what happens