A Tech Addicts Reading List (link roundup)

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Links

As with any good tech addict, I have several tech related news sites that I read everyday and several others that I read 3-4 times a week. I figured I share these with my wonderful readers (all 3-4 of you) and ask for suggestions on other sites I might be missing:

My Tech Reads:

Tech Crunch/@TechCrunch – A great tech website with lots of different sections and writers. If you want to be on top of the news from the world of tech this should be your first stop

TechMeMe/@TechMeMe – A tech news aggregator that hosts a lot of useful stories

Cord Cutters/@Cord Cutters – A great site for anyone looking to cut the cable cord and go to streaming media

Hacking Netflix – A must read for anyone who uses Netflix streaming and wants to stay on top of all the Netflix news

Not So Tech Related Reads:

I read 3 SBnation.com sports blogs which are really good, if you are a sports fan and haven’t found SBnation.com I would highly recommend it.

CowboysRideForFree/@CowboysRFF – Oklahoma State Cowboys

Welcome To Loud City/@WTLC – Oklahoma City Thunder

CrawFish Boxes/@CrawfishBoxes – Houston Astros

If I’m missing a good site, please tell me about it



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