Breaking Up Isn’t as Therapeutic as It Use to Be

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Ramblings
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Once upon a upon in a time long ago, before Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Digital Camera’s and iPods, cleaning up the mess from a failed relationship use to be a lot more therapeutic then it is now. Way back in the way back, before Facebook changed how dating is done in the US, after you gave back the person their stuff you still had all these physical reminders of them. You’d have to go through your room/apartment/house/car looking for all the things that they left behind. You’d have to take pictures out of your non-digital frames (yes physical photos), find the mix tape or CD that they had made for you and maybe even throw away a few books he/she bought you before you had a Kindle. What did most of us do with these left over mementos?  That’s right we lit them on fire, shredded them or used them for target/batting practice and for some reason this made us feel so much better about life.

Now when you break up with someone, you might have to give back stuff but the rest of it is just a bunch of clicking. You change your status on FB, you clear out the pictures on your phone, digital camera, Flickr and Picasa. You go through and delete your shared blog (if you’re dumb enough to share a blog like I was), change all of your passwords to all of your accounts and go through your hard drive with fine tooth comb trying to destroy all traces he or she left on your computer. Go to your Kindle and delete a few books that he/she sent to you or that you bought with an Amazon gift card they gave you for your birthday. While the process is similar that nice feeling of getting rid of something physical is gone. Nothing says “We’re done!” like fire or a shredder, and we really can’t do that to our iPhones, now can we?



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