Giving In for an App

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Apps, Ramblings
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Being the nerd that I am and most nerds in general tend to be somewhat counter-culture. If something is cool, it’s not cool to us, unless of course there’s a shiny apple on the back, or an android etc… Recently an app called Color was introduced with much fan fair due to it’s massive $41 million dollar funding before it ever hit market. A lot of people in the tech world panned this idea and I for one thought it was not cool at all (read pissy inner nerd coming out in full force). Today I caved in and decided to give Color a try and in a week or 2 I’ll write what I think about it. I’ve done this with a few of the really popular things that happened in tech. Back before Facebook I resisted Myspace (back when it wasn’t the virtual ghetto), I resisted getting a Facebook, I resisted foursquare, I did however embrace twitter, I’ve always dug the twitter.

What Apps or sites have y’all resisted but have given into?


  1. Bryan says:

    For me it was probably Twitter. Just couldn’t wrap my head around its concept. Now, I enjoy reading news headlines on it, etc.

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