Guest Post: Tech Envy

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Gear, Ramblings
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Today we have a guest post from @JohnnybGamer

Hi, my name is Bryan Hall. I am a writer by day ( and fortune hunter by night.
Awhile back, Jacob had asked me to write something for this blog, so here it is!

Last year, for my birthday, I bought myself a Barnes & Noble Nook. Up until that point, I had been coveting various e-readers and liked how the Nook was supported by a brick and mortar store–it was also the cheapest!–. A month after my purchase, Amazon gave their Kindle a price drop that was below the Nook’s pricing. I felt burned; I felt Kindle envy.

Now your probably thinking, what’s the big deal? You have an e-reader, it reads books, why do you want another piece of plastic? How can I explain this…I know!

Amazon’s Kindle is the BMW of the e-reader world. It features the mini-keyboard and timeless design. Barnes & Nobles Nook, on the other hand, is Honda of the pack. Reliable, e-pub friendly, and priced for the masses. I knew when I was originally looking to buy an e-reader that I wanted a Kindle. Ultimately, the $50-$100 price gap is what drove me away. I simply didn’t want to spend any of my own money to buy the reader–my birthday money should have been enough!–. So I settled.

At times I wish I had waited, saved, and bought the Kindle. In the end though, both devices are the same… or so I keep telling myself



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