Travel Checklist

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Ramblings, Travel
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I spent most of the this last week traveling, 3 hotels in 5 days, and I have learned that there are a few things that I just simply can not travel without anymore.

1) Laptop with HDMI out – I’m always traveling with my laptop, mostly for work, but when I bought my work laptop I made sure it had an HDMI out so that I can plug it into hotel TV’s. At this point in time almost all hotels have gone to flat screens and a lot of hotels are even giving you easy access to the HDMI ports by providing jacks at the walls to plug into.

2) HDMI Cable -Because of number 1 this is an obvious #2

3) Netflix Subscription – While you can’t really “travel” with this, if you’re on the road a lot though Netflix is a wonderful thing to have. Even with the crappiest of hotel WiFi connections Netflix seems to run like a champ.

4) Extra Battery for my iPhone – Currently I’m using a battery charger from Duracell to charge my phone on the go. It’s a nice, lightweight charger that hooks up via the dock connector on the iPhone. The charger will give your phone an extra 2-3 hours of life and when you’re spending all day in an airport this can be a highly useful thing.

These are the things I use most often when I travel, What do y’all use?



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