Color vs Instagram (The Verdict)

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Apps

Short Answer: The winner is Instagram

Longer Answer: Over the weekend I got to play with the Color app a good amount and all I can really say is meh. The concept is really cool and it’s a fair amount faster than Instagram but actually using it blows. The menu’s don’t make a lot of sense, it never wanted to post to Facebook or Twitter and getting to the setting takes a lot of guess work. I did it 3-4 times and I still had to do some exploring to remember how to get to the profile setting. Instagram on the other hand just works. A slight learning curve and you’re ready to go. Sharing to FB and twitter are very easy and the filters are really fun and easy to use. I know that some people have no need or want for the ability to filter a picture but I find it enjoyable to add something a little unique to the pictures I post online. If you’re looking for a very fast app Color is your app but if you’re looking for a much more mature app that allows you a lot of options and are willing to sacrifice a few extra seconds to post your pictures then Instagram is for you



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