Oh Canada

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Ramblings

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in Niagara Falls, Ontario and it feels good to have the internet back at my finger tips. I didn’t plan too far ahead so I forgot to add an international plan and now I basically have to run my phone in airplane mode to not run up a massive bill. All I can really say to this current situation is AHHHH!!!!!!! right now I have no twitter, no email in my pocket and most importantly no text messaging. I did this back in 2008 except for I was in Costa Rica and left my phone in the states so I didn’t even have the option. Right now though, it’s killing me having my phone laying in my pocket and wanting to check it for a text or update and knowing it’s not coming. Yes, the Tech Addict is going through withdrawl and it awful.



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