Twitter and the Tornado

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Ramblings

No, I am not dead yet, I have been on the road and haven’t had the time to really posted on here but I have a lot of posts in the pipeline.

As many probably know my home state of Oklahoma was hit by severe tornadoes, one of which hit a house that is about a quarter mile away from mine. When prepping for the storm I asked @MarikaLorraine to give me a few people to follow on twitter so I could keep up with the progress of the storm as long as I had mobile internet. As the day progressed my twittering became fast and furious, many of my friends live in Oklahoma City and many were in the direct path of many of these storms and twitter gave all of us a chance to keep up with each other as the storm moved through our areas. At one point, I lost my cell coverage, and my TV due to the storm but I never lost my mobile internet and for a while twitter and the weather radio was the only connection I had to the news about the storm that was raging outside. I never thought of using twitter in this manner before, but for every major weather event from now on i’ll be sure to have my twitter feed going so I can keep up with all the news



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