Netflix Induced Withdrawal

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Ramblings

Over the weekend I raced through the 3rd season of Sons of Anarchy and sometime around 8pm yesterday I finished the 3rd season (the last available for purchase) and asked myself “Now what?”. Since finding the first 2 seasons of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix that’s pretty much all I’ve watched over the last few weeks and when I finished all I could watch on Netflix I bought the 3rd season on Amazon VOD and raced through that. I’m sure that many of felt this form of withdrawal, after chewing through season after season of a show on Netflix then having nothing to watch and asking yourself “what show do I watch now.” It’s one thing to know that future season will be available for streaming at some point but many shows, like Sarah Conner Chronicles, give us a even bigger let down knowing that we won’t ever be able to watch any new episodes. I fear for all the people who haven’t watched Mad Men yet when it hits Netflix this summer, there will probably be 15 million people going through Netflix induced Withdrawal

What shows have y’all felt this type of withdrawal over?



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