Things I don’t use anymore

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Ramblings

As tech has progressed we have devices and services that cover a lot of the things we either use to use or things we use to do. So here’s my list of things I just don’t have any use for anymore

  1. A Camera – I am not a DSLR kind of guy, yes I do wish I could take better photos with my iPhone (come on optical zoom), but I don’t care enough to carry an actual camera around with me anywhere. Yes I have a 12 mega-pixel camera at home but I didn’t even pack it on my recent trip to Disney because I knew I wouldn’t ever use it.
  2. A Phone book – I get these things on my doorstep every so often and the immediately get thrown in the trash because I either use the internet or my phone to look up numbers/addresses and directions.
  3. Game Discs – Since I found Steam, I’m not sure that I’ve bought a single physical game disk. I love being able to open up a program and run a game without having to insert a disk for the anti-piracy stuff.
  4. DVDs – I can’t say this is a never use, but it’s a rarity that I put a DVD in my player, between streaming Netflix and Amazon VOD I don’t ever have to put something in the player
  5. CD’s – This one is cliche but I haven’t bought a physical music CD since the summer of 2004

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