An Open Letter To Apple

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Ramblings
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Dear Apple,

We’ve had some good times (iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, Retina Display, Angry Birds) and we’ve had some bad times (No white iPhone, always being behind in hardware, etc….) but now is the time to put down the ultimatum, I have seen the future of the mobile device and it is Windows 8

While I have been an avid supporter of you, I supported you when the droid had better hardware, and during antenna gate, and when the “unbreakable” glass of the iPhone 4 turned out to be the most fragile iPhone yet. I stuck by you when we couldn’t have apps, and before GPS in the phone, I even stuck by you when you took away our unlimited internet. However, now is the time though Apple, with a lack luster iOS5 presentation we can only assume a lack luster new device is to follow and if that is the case, I quit. No more do I want to be tied down to such a closed system, from a company who promises to be my friend. I want a much more open and rich user experience then the one you seem content to give me. You must blow my mind soon, or I’m ditching your iPhone for something better

-Jacob D. Ingalls


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