Contextual Text

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Blah blah, been gone a long time, blah blah, my bad.

For anyone that uses IM or text half as much I do, you’ve undoubtedly noticed different patterns in how people text or IM. If you know a person well enough you can “hear” when they are angry or happy by how they type, response speed, word usage etc…. but have you noticed your own context based texting? I have noticed a big differance in how I text vs how I type and even how I text depending on what phone the other person is using. When I IM I tend to send short burts, no message over 1 sentance but when I text, if it’s a long text i’ll really fill up the characters trying to get everything into 1 text. However if I know the other person is on a smart phone with a conversational view I’ll send more quick bursts. So what do you do? do you change how you text/IM because of the medium or the reception medium?


  1. Bryan says:

    Dude, the confessions have stopped.

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