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Review: Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Gear

Before I set out for my 2 week road trip I picked up the Mophie Juice Pack for my iPhone 4 mainly for the week I would be at Disney. The Mophie is a case for the iPhone that is also a battery pack which depending on how much you pay will give you X amount of extra hours of use.


The Mophie I got would (depending on how much I used it while It was charging) give me a full charge on my phone if not a charge and a half. I never had to worry about running out of battery while I was at Disney, I could take and post pictures, text, surf and tweet all day and never have to worry about my phone running out of battery. Whenever the battery would get low I would just flip the “on” switch on the case and my phone would start to charge. The case always has a charge indicator on the bottom of it so you can always know how much power is left in the extra battery. With this case on, even in the bright Florida sun I could keep my iPhone’s brightness up to see the phone clearly all day. Also, you do not have to remove your iPhone from the case to charge it, the case is designed to charge yourself and your iPhone at the same time.


This case is big and heavy, it effectively doubles the thickness of the phone and the weight of the phone, imagine an otter box but heavier. Your hand will get tired if you are using your iPhone a lot when this case is on. I would take it off from time to time just to get rid of the extra weight. The Mophie also adds about a 1/8 of an inch to the bottom of the phone which means you have to relearn to type with it on because of the extra distance your thumb has to move. The battery on this case takes a long time to charge and if you’re charging your iPhone inside the case it’ll take a solid 6 hours or so to charge both of them fully.


This is a really good, solid product and the benefits really outweigh the draw backs to it. If you are a heavy user of your iPhone and are tired of having to do everything to save power, this is a must buy. If you’re a casual user who is foreseeing a trip with limited charging opportunities I would also highly recommend this case. The Mophie will be in my bag everytime I travel from here on out



My new Rig is in

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Gear







Guest Post: Tech Envy

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Gear, Ramblings
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Today we have a guest post from @JohnnybGamer

Hi, my name is Bryan Hall. I am a writer by day ( and fortune hunter by night.
Awhile back, Jacob had asked me to write something for this blog, so here it is!

Last year, for my birthday, I bought myself a Barnes & Noble Nook. Up until that point, I had been coveting various e-readers and liked how the Nook was supported by a brick and mortar store–it was also the cheapest!–. A month after my purchase, Amazon gave their Kindle a price drop that was below the Nook’s pricing. I felt burned; I felt Kindle envy.

Now your probably thinking, what’s the big deal? You have an e-reader, it reads books, why do you want another piece of plastic? How can I explain this…I know!

Amazon’s Kindle is the BMW of the e-reader world. It features the mini-keyboard and timeless design. Barnes & Nobles Nook, on the other hand, is Honda of the pack. Reliable, e-pub friendly, and priced for the masses. I knew when I was originally looking to buy an e-reader that I wanted a Kindle. Ultimately, the $50-$100 price gap is what drove me away. I simply didn’t want to spend any of my own money to buy the reader–my birthday money should have been enough!–. So I settled.

At times I wish I had waited, saved, and bought the Kindle. In the end though, both devices are the same… or so I keep telling myself


While I’ve always wanted a Blu-ray player, but I don’t know if I’ll ever buy one. With the coming onslaught of streaming media I don’t think I’ll ever need one, unless every ISP starts capping bandwidth. On my Roku I get Netflix in HD, Hulu+ in HD, Amazon VOD (including Prime Streaming) in HD, in HD, I think you get the picture, I get everything I need in HD. Even if you look at a lot of the current Blu-ray advertising it doesn’t focus on actually playing  Blu-ray discs, it focuses on being able to stream Netflix, Pandora and YouTube and at least 1 movie downloading service. It appears that even Blu-ray player manufactures are establishing their players to be able to be useful even after no one puts disks in them anymore. Is physical media dieing? Yes. Is it dieing a lot faster than I thought it would? Absolutely.


Boxee Sighting

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Gear

I have a crush….

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Gear

…on Boxee Box. Yes I know it’s a little wrong to have a crush on a piece of tech but I do. I have played with the Boxee OS on my computer and generally like it ok, not exactly pretty and a little cumbersome but the features are really cool. (Why does this feel like the “she’s got great personality speach”). Boxee has some incredible local media abilities, it can read just about every file type on the planet, even .ISO. This is a huge feature seeing how I am completely obsessed with taking my entire DVD collection digital in the future. Another feature that is really awesome is it has an app that will go out to the internet and “grab” streaming tv from sites like,, etc… and stream them through the program. You never have to leave the boxee OS if you don’t want too, it even has its own web browser that will play flash if nothing else works for you. What made me go from the boxee is cool to full blown crush is the fact that someone developed an app to stream ESPN3. Not a must for most tech people out there but it was an awesome addition for me. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to ask the boxee box to be apart of my life yet, at $200, it’s a little more than I want to spend on a box that may or may not do everything I need it to do.

Maybe Boxee could send me one so I could fall head over heels for it


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