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Is Hulu Dead in the Water?

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Links, News, Ramblings
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I was reading this article by Peter Kafka and the basic jist of the story is that the Owners of Hulu (News Corp, ABC and NBC) aren’t willing to give their own creation exclusive rights to programming because their is too much money to be made on the outside market by selling content to companies like Dish and Direct. While many people love Hulu, I’ve never been that big a fan of it, the commercials were always too long and the streaming was always too iffy for me to really see it as a viable option. However, with reports of $500m in revenue for Hulu there must be a lot of people who like the online service. Without the exclusive contracts for Hulu that it’s parents won’t give it I don’t see how it survives as viable competitor in the streaming world, why go to Hulu when you can stream all the same content you want via your dish? The parents of Hulu, obviously no longer want their child becuase they are trying to sell it and as for me I don’t see too many buyers for it, who would want a product that won’t have the ability to remain competitive?



That didn’t take long

Posted: June 22, 2011 in News, Ramblings
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Yesterday, I was walking through Walmart and saw the DVD value bin except for it wasn’t for DVD’s it was for Blu-ray’s.

This was an incredible sight to behold, granted the movies in the bin where really awful but still Blu-ray for $5 that’s pretty insane. I didn’t expect there to be a $5 bin for Blu-rays for a while and yet here it is. I think that more and more Blu-rays will be showing up in this bin due to people streaming and Blu-ray’s becoming outdated (yes we all know my theory on this). There will always be a place for physical media in our society, some people won’t want to stream or won’t have enough bandwidth to stream and some people are just tech adverse, but for now it appears that the place for a lot of Blu-rays will be the $5 bargain bin.


Not Dead Yet

Posted: June 19, 2011 in News

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been battling illness for the last week and have been put through a battery of test with more to come next week. I’ll be focusing more on writing next week and we’ll see what happens


Commercials are the Devil

Posted: June 2, 2011 in News, Ramblings

Recently Hulu and Miramax annouced that a lot of Miramax movies will now (or shortly) be available on Hulu which apperntly is a big deal because Hulu is a “free” service. However, to anyone who might be excited about this i just have to ask “Have you ever tried to watch a movie on Hulu?” the people who answer no to this question are the only people who might be remotely excited about this deal because watching movies on Hulu sucks harder than [Insert cliche porn reference here]. The bigger drawback to this deal for most people is that the majority of the movies are on Hulu+ and you still have to watch the commercials. Hulu needs to understand that we are becoming a commercial-less society and they should change their strategy as such. I would guess that the majority of us hardly ever watch something as it happens (besides sports) just so we won’t have to watch the commercials. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just don’t see this deal being worth the $$$ that Hulu spent



Posted: April 25, 2011 in News

Tech Crunch is reporting that the White iPhone 4 will be available this week in stores. I was originally a hold out for the white phone but after about 3 months I said “Screw that” and went ahead and bought the black phone. I think the white phones are super good looking but not worth not having the 4 for almost a year


Open Letter From Grooveshark

Posted: April 19, 2011 in News

the RIAA is going after Grooveshark


Google hasn’t specified what it was in their “Terms of Service” that we allegedly violated, but there does appear to be some confusion about whether Grooveshark is a legal service.  So let’s set the record straight:  there is nothing illegal about what Grooveshark offers to consumers.

Yet some are confused as to how we are legal.  First, there is a distinction between legal and licensed.  Laws come from Congress.  Licenses come from businesses.  Grooveshark is completely legal because we comply with the laws passed by Congress, but we are not licensed by every label (yet).  We are a technology company, and we operate within the boundaries of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA).  Some would have you believe that those of us who use the DMCA to innovate are inherently infringers and that claiming Safe Harbor under the DMCA is as good as admitting guilt.  Not so.

The DMCA’s Safe Harbor component encourages technology companies to innovate in hopes that they will eventually solve some of the problems that are plaguing content producers today.  The Safe Harbor provision reads like it was written specifically for YouTube and Grooveshark, and its necessity continues to be illustrated every day.  If it weren’t for this notion, many of the products and services that are now taking a bite out of piracy would never have been born.

With that said, Grooveshark doesn’t just rely on the protection of the law.  We have worldwide licensing from over a thousand labels — large and small.  We pay the three major U.S. performing rights organizations, as well as some international bodies, and are actively pursuing agreements with those that we don’t.  We recently signed Merlin, which included the Merge catalog.  This was a particularly happy day for us because it brought The Arcade Fire into the family.  We pay for our streams, and we actively negotiate with virtually every single content owner.  We’ve taken down over 1.76 million files and suspended upload privileges to 22,274 users.  These are not the characteristics of a company “dedicated to copyright infringement”.  As we work with artists and labels to make more content available to our users, Grooveshark becomes more competitive as an alternative to piracy.

Content partners use Grooveshark to make targeted marketing spends, support tours and sales, and test singles and high-ticket merchandise with surveys and exclusive panels.  The Grooveshark model puts us in a unique position as the only source for unadulterated consumption data from over twenty-five million unique monthly users in more than 150 countries.  We are translated into 24 languages, which helps us monetize developing economies and deliver revenues to content owners from territories where extracting revenue formerly proved too difficult.  Labels, managers, and artists that take advantage of our full gamut of services know how effectively Grooveshark’s application can streamline expenses and generate revenue.

In light of the recent misleading press concerning Grooveshark’s application, it is important to make clear that we will defend our service, and the letter and the spirit of the law, in court and in Congress.  We will defend our name and our ideals for the sake of our users who expect modern delivery systems and comprehensive access across devices, for the sake of artists and content owners who fear another decade of decline, and for other innovators who continue to bring new ideas to market through the expression of creativity in the form of technology.

We ask that Google and Apple, embrace the spirit of competition and do right by users in making our applications available to consumers immediately.

—Paul Geller,

I really hope Grooveshark wins this one