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That didn’t take long

Posted: June 22, 2011 in News, Ramblings
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Yesterday, I was walking through Walmart and saw the DVD value bin except for it wasn’t for DVD’s it was for Blu-ray’s.

This was an incredible sight to behold, granted the movies in the bin where really awful but still Blu-ray for $5 that’s pretty insane. I didn’t expect there to be a $5 bin for Blu-rays for a while and yet here it is. I think that more and more Blu-rays will be showing up in this bin due to people streaming and Blu-ray’s becoming outdated (yes we all know my theory on this). There will always be a place for physical media in our society, some people won’t want to stream or won’t have enough bandwidth to stream and some people are just tech adverse, but for now it appears that the place for a lot of Blu-rays will be the $5 bargain bin.



While I’ve always wanted a Blu-ray player, but I don’t know if I’ll ever buy one. With the coming onslaught of streaming media I don’t think I’ll ever need one, unless every ISP starts capping bandwidth. On my Roku I get Netflix in HD, Hulu+ in HD, Amazon VOD (including Prime Streaming) in HD, in HD, I think you get the picture, I get everything I need in HD. Even if you look at a lot of the current Blu-ray advertising it doesn’t focus on actually playing  Blu-ray discs, it focuses on being able to stream Netflix, Pandora and YouTube and at least 1 movie downloading service. It appears that even Blu-ray player manufactures are establishing their players to be able to be useful even after no one puts disks in them anymore. Is physical media dieing? Yes. Is it dieing a lot faster than I thought it would? Absolutely.