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While I’ve always wanted a Blu-ray player, but I don’t know if I’ll ever buy one. With the coming onslaught of streaming media I don’t think I’ll ever need one, unless every ISP starts capping bandwidth. On my Roku I get Netflix in HD, Hulu+ in HD, Amazon VOD (including Prime Streaming) in HD, in HD, I think you get the picture, I get everything I need in HD. Even if you look at a lot of the current Blu-ray advertising it doesn’t focus on actually playing  Blu-ray discs, it focuses on being able to stream Netflix, Pandora and YouTube and at least 1 movie downloading service. It appears that even Blu-ray player manufactures are establishing their players to be able to be useful even after no one puts disks in them anymore. Is physical media dieing? Yes. Is it dieing a lot faster than I thought it would? Absolutely.